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Iduka is committed to bringing change to our community, country, and the world by helping students realize their dreams of a college education. Our initial group of volunteers met for the first time at a house party that took place in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, in early December 2008.

Within days of the first meeting, a small planning group was formed to help bring hope to college students in our community and Iduka’s vision was outlined to provide an outlet for active citizenship in the area of college affordability.

The group reached the conclusion that in spite of all traditional financial aid assistance, there are many students in our communities that are unable to pursue a college education due to its costs. We feel that regardless of their financial situation, all students accepted in an accredited institution should be able to pursue their dreams of higher education.

We are dedicated to helping needy students further their education by offering them, their families, their schools, volunteers, local community organizations, and participating gifters and donors, an innovative financial aid process that can bring meaningful change to society. Our commitment goes well beyond merely delivering a service. Our intent is to use our resources, expertise, and passion to bring about real change to all of our constituents. Not only to students and parents alike, but also to schools and the volunteer organizations that partner with us, and also to the gifters and donors that believe in the transformative power of higher education.

Our message of hope to students and parents, schools and volunteer organizations, gifters and donors is simple: by working together to make college more affordable for students, we can help make the dream of higher education attainable and bring real change to all participants.

Become an agent of change by helping us make college more affordable. You too can make an impact by either lending and/or donating your money; or by volunteering your talents and time in supporting and extending the reach of this grassroots initiative. Get engaged. Participate and and help us spread the word by inviting your family and friends to register as gifters or students!